Diamond View


Consumers can now see exactly what jewelers see when they examine a diamond with a revolutionary new diamond viewing system. The DiaView – DiamondView – Diamond Vieving System allows both the diamond buyer and the jeweler to view any diamond or gem from any angle, enlarged up to 200 times.

“You can sit with your customers and both can see and discuss the merits of any diamond you have in stock” . “Together, we can view the diamonds and show makes diamonds both unique and valuable.” Prior to this revolutionary technological breakthrough, consumers were forced to become experts with jewelers loupes and microscopes, or simply rely on the word of the jeweler when discussing the details of a diamond’s value.

With DiaView, the diamond can be viewed “Live” on a full color, high definition television monitor. The diamond’s cut, color and clarity can be viewed from any angle and with DiaView the image can be enlarged up to 200 times. “This allows us to examine the diamond’s inclusions (tiny natural flaws), color, cut clarity openly and objectively”. “No more mystery in diamond buying.”

The Dia View is a tool that R & D Jewelers in Bedford Texas uses when repairing jewelry as well as when designing a custom piece. This is one of the greatest pieces of technology for jewelers and we have it in the mid cities area.