Do you have old jewelry you don’t wear anymore? Is it out of date?

You can sell it but will get very little towards it’s value. Instead let R and D Jewelers take your outdate jewelry and design a new custom piece that you will cherish and wear often.

You can rely on R and D Jewelers to make the ring, earrings or pendant that you are looking for. We are here to help you create a totally unique piece of jewelry.

The steps of creating a custom piece of jewelry.

Step 1: Jewelry Drawings / Sketches

Step 2: Wax Mold

Step 3: Casting

Step 4: Finished Piece

Custom Jewelry Wax Molds

wax mold

After the sketch is approved, a wax mold of your custom jewelry is created. A skilled artisan/jeweler hand carves a jewelry prototype out of jewelers wax using small scalpels and knives. The wax prototype also known as a “model” is placed in a flask, and plaster, called “investment” is poured all around the model. Once the investment hardens an exact impression of the model is formed inside of the flask. The wax model is burned out of the flask leaving a cavity of the jewelry design.