Do you have old jewelry you don’t wear anymore? Is it out of date?

You can sell it but will get very little towards it’s value. Instead let R and D Jewelers take your outdate jewelry and design a new custom piece that you will cherish and wear often.

You can rely on R and D Jewelers to make the ring, earrings or pendant that you are looking for. We are here to help you create a totally unique piece of jewelry.

The steps of creating a custom piece of jewelry.

Step 1: Jewelry Drawings / Sketches

Step 2: Wax Mold

Step 3: Casting

Step 4: Finished Piece

Custom Jewelry Sketches

custom designed jewelry sketches

R and D Jewelers will sit down and show you examples of various styles. If you have seen a jewelry piece you like, bring a picture. We can use that to create a sketch of your piece.

After our initial meeting, we will prepare drawings (sketches) of the jewelry. You then will review the drawings and make any changes before the next step.