Crown Ring

crown ringCarved wedding bands: This collection offers the elegance and timelessness of traditional wedding bands, with a slightly modernized aesthetic. Crafted from only finest materials, the Carved collection offers an understated punch of style while still embracing the sleek, clean lines of the classic wedding band.

The bands in this collection offer the perfect balance of tradition and innovation, with a wide variety of designs suited to meet any personal preference. Whether your taste draws you toward the more ornate, organic designs or you prefer the simplicity of clean, straight lines, the Carved collection has the perfect piece to suit your needs.

Classic wedding bands: Understated and timeless in their appeal, the Classic collection is designed to withstand the test of time. With tradition as a focal point, the bands in this collection were designed for those who demand quality, but also appreciate the simpler things in life.

Although the Classic line-up offers a variety of materials and layouts from which to select, all of the bands in this collection are tied together by a common respect for simplicity in design. For their strength, beauty, and ability withstand the test of time, you simply cannot beat a classic.

Diamond bands: Simply put, the Diamond collection is a cut above. Stone settings have quickly become the new standard for luxury in wedding bands, and this collection represents the perfect combination of traditional design and modern appeal. For the person who appreciates fine craftsmanship and demands only the highest in quality; this is the collection for which you have been searching.

With layouts ranging from simple, single stone settings to elaborate multi-stone designs, the Diamond collection sets a new standard for both quality and selection. For a wedding band that shines as bright as your love, this collection is sure to contain the perfect piece.

Handwoven bands: These Handwoven pieces represent a truly unique collection of wedding bands. Built upon traditional designs, these bands combine the clean, simple lines of a classic wedding band with the delicate detailing of old world artistry. The pieces in this collection bring together modern materials and design with the classic elegance of handcrafted jewelry.

Intricate and organic, the detailed inlays of the Handwoven collection offer the kind of meticulous craftsmanship that have become the hallmark of CrownRing. If you are searching for a wedding band that is a true original, and offers the finest in quality and design, the Handwoven collection is the only place to start.